A Few Words About Us


I6 Technology grew out of individual projects the senior team had as freelance programmers. After having learnt best practices from the professionals we worked with in the consulting industry as  employees the transition to growing into a consultancy with an expanding service offering was a natural one.

I6 Technology prides itself by working with a tight group of trusted engineers that go through a rigorous interview and training process, by which they have a chance to prove themselves as able to deliver on complicated technical requirements.

I6 also prides itself on open and honest communication. We only partner with clients whose business goals match our technology expertise. Our motto “Smart Solutions” not only refers to technology, but to business synergies and strong partnerships as well.

All of our technologists were first selected for their ability to communicate.  We feel that technology can be taught, albeit a steep learning curve, but that personality and desire to communicate openly is a personal trait.

We spend a considerable amount of effort aligning ourselves with the right people in your business, both senior as well as the men and women in the trenches. We feel that honest communication, whether it's good news or bad news, is always best for both parties to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship. And finally we believe that going the extra mile helps us achieve goals that other teams can achieve, but with a much larger team

What We Offer

Intimacy and flexibility

Out client's don't get lost in the bureaucracy of a large agency. We are big enough to bring new innovations to the table, yet small enough to manage our relationships very closely and provide the flexibility that larger agency's can't afford.

Concierge level support

Out engagement starts when we first get on the phone with you and will end long after our initial project is completed. The boutique in our consultancy refers to the white glove treatment we like to show our clients.


In today's tech world it's not the large against the small, it's the fast against the slow. Let us help you bring your solutions to market with the velocity that can only be obtained with a small to midsize team.

A business first approach

We feel that understanding a client's business is key to working for them.  We know it's not just about the technology.  We select senior partners who have relevant experience which aids them in understanding your business goals, strategies, and how they align with the technology endeavor you are undertaking.


Our Team

  • Diego Travieso
    This sports-loving tech maniac is one of our best IT professionals, being able to tackle all kinds…
  • Jaydee Ruiz
    Jaydee has been using computers since she was seven, so we can safely say she is comfortable…
  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel is a music lover, Specialist In .NET He has been working in frameworks like ASP.NET, WPF,…
  • Federico Fernandez
    Federicos's specialties are working with health systems, legal systems, and e-commerce. He loves Microsoft technologies, especially the…
  • Angel Romero
    Angel's specialties are working with financial services and e-commerce projects. It's in his DNA to set up…
  • Luis Fernando Lopez Gallon
    Luis's specialties are working with transportation projects & with the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js).…
  • Gaston Pigato
    Gaston's specialty is .Net technologies, especially ASP.NET MVC. Location Montevideo, Uruguay Favorite things about his home country…
  • Alfredo Carranza
    Alfredo's specialties are building great relationships, technology project management, .NET engineering, and business requirements management Location Los…
  • Ken Jensen
    Ken's specialties are technology project management, .NET engineering, and client relationship management. He's been around the block…
  • Diego Lavia
    Diego's specialties are working with financial services and e-commerce projects (not unlike Angel's since they've been working…
  • Radu Orban
    Radu's specialties system architecture and databases (especially big ones :). Location Cluj-Napoca, Romania Favorite things about his…
  • Carlos Junior
    Carlos is a Full Stack System Engineer with more than 8 years of experience, specialized in the…
  • Kevin Seymour
    Kev's specialties are client management, SQL Server databases, and .NET programming. Location New York in downtown Manhattan…

Our Partners


  • Century Business Solutions
    What makes us stand out from other payment processors? We embed payment processing into ERP/Accounting systems and eCommerce platforms to:
    Reduce processing time. Reduce processing costs. Reduce processing risks.
  • Capicua
    We are a full stack creative hub that delivers Design, Development and Motion in
    one stop. We brew ideas to help companies sort out challenges. Our expert crew mix design, development and storytelling to deliver a fresh solution in one stop.
  • Softech Plus
    We can do more than just basic software, we can create excellent software! By bringing together skilled software professionals who have a deep understanding of the software development process, we are able to provide both quality and flexibility.
  • Digital Forensics Corp
    With over a decade of experience in digital data recovery, DFC provides expert digital forensics consulting and services for legal professionals, as well as corporations, governments and Private Investigators (PI). DFC provides customers with a wide variety of computer forensics & Cyber Security Services